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    You can pick the date for your booking here. Click on your desired date.

  3. Pick your time

    Each box is a half-hour. You can click and drag to select more than half an hour or you can click on the start, then on the finish.

  4. Other options

    You can select other options to filter the list of available rooms by, or go straight to picking a room.

  5. Rooms

    The full list of available rooms is here. You can add a room to your favourites list by clicking on the star. Toggle your favourites by clicking on the large star above.

    You can also see a preview picture of the room by hovering over the eye.

  6. Room information

    You can see the capacity of the room and what features the room has here. Hover over the icons for more information.

    You can see all the information on the room by clicking on its name.

  7. Room availbility

    The availability of the room on the chosen day can be seen at a glance here. Each dot represents an half-hour. Grey is in the past, red is booked, blue is available.

  8. Room sorting

    Sort the rooms in various ways here by using the dropdown menu.

  9. Book the room

    When you have selected your room, click on 'Book' to move through to the room and booking page.

  10. Your booking history

    For all of your room booking historical information, click here.

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